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speech one outline

speech one outline - III Salary increases as you gain...

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Kelly Pepping My Ideal Career Purpose: To inform the audience what I plan to do with my business degree in marketing. Central Idea: Advertising Executive Introduction: I. I want to become an advertising executive. a. Advertising influences everyone’s every day purchasing decisions. b. I am in the business school for marketing. Body: I. An advertising executive is the middle man between the creative and business sides of the process. a. They work with graphic design artists. b. They work with business minds. c. It is their job to make sure the two come together well. II. An advertising executive has many responsibilities. a. Daily activities include brainstorming and sifting through demographic research. b. To be successful, one must be able to work well in teams.
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Unformatted text preview: III. Salary increases as you gain experience. a. According to The Princeton Review, the average starting salary is $27,500. b. Can increase to $41,000 after five years. c. Can reach $75,000 after ten to fifteen years. IV. According to an article called “Job Profile Advertising Executives” on About.com written by Karen Schweitzer, the job outlook is good and increasing. a. Businesses always need ways to reach the public. b. Increasing technology gives more opportunities. Conclusion: I. Advertising executive is my idea career. a. It has a creative aspect. b. It has a stable business side. c. It allows me to settle down when I’m ready....
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