Art History Midterm Study Guide

Art History Midterm Study Guide - Music in the Tuileries...

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Unformatted text preview: Music in the Tuileries Edouard Manet 1862 Painterly surface, showed all of his work, visible brushstrokes. Although Manet was academically trained, his work is visible. Trying to show a truthfulness to this bourgeoisie society. Bodies are barely modeled at all, very reduced- not what you would expect from an academic painter. Looseness in which he painted. There is a splotch of grey paint over peoples face, a man leaning over and talking to someone. Constantly causes people to question what is going on- a challenge to figure out. Luncheon on the Grass Edouard Manet 1863 Was exhibited in the Salon. Young students gesturing- almost referencing a history painting (where heros would be gesturing grandly). There is a naked woman, clothes in the bottom corner, have gotten undressed for lunch. Perspective extremely off. The woman crouching in the background is similar in size to the people in the foreground. Trees enveloping all the subjects, framing them. Manet chose to ignore what he learned in the Salon- woman in the background doesnt quite fit in to her surroundings, trees clearly define the background. Olympia Edouard Manet 1863 Known as Manets scandal. Was originally shown in the Salon, and people were outraged and horrified. Depicts a prostitute lounging, shoes still on, making eye contact, almost abrasive. Olympia doesnt have a choice, not seductive, instead is a business transaction. Her pose is based on a painting by a classical painting by Titian. The bouquet of flowers are a mockery of seduction. Versus Titians Venus of Urbino. For Manet, the subject is not what is the scandal, it is the original style of Titians work that is scandalous. Manet thinks Titian is not being truthful. Manet is attempting to state the obvious- saying that we should stop pretending she is anything else but a prostitute. Manet is trying to be honest about the language of painting. Arrival of the Normandy Train, Gare Saint-Lazare Claude Monet 1877 Paris reinvented- trains seem to symbolize this reinvention. Monets train paintings were doe right after France lost the Prussian War, and the rebuilt of Paris. Train station- travel for the bourgeoisie, the glass is architecturally advanced. A modern color of light using only the colors in the light spectrum. Shadows are purple. The brushwork is visible and very painterly. Monet wanted you to believe the painting was done in one sitting. Plein-aire painting- critics said that these are not paintings because they were done outside, said that Monet was doing prepatory sketches for a much larger piece. Monet felt that these paintings were giving a sense of truthfulness- showing the viewer what you would have seen if you were there....
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Art History Midterm Study Guide - Music in the Tuileries...

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