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Company Analysis

Company Analysis - Analysis of a Mid Cap Manufacturing...

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FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – I Take Home Assignment Submission I Submitted By: Roll No. B11076 a. Introduction Elecon Engineering Company Limited is a power transmission and material handling equipment manufacturing company based in Gujrat, India. It holds 25% market share in industrial gears and power transmission equipment segment. It is also the largest manufacturer of material handling equipment manufacturer in India. 1 In the year 2010-11, the company registered a consolidated turnover of Rs. 12876 Mn. and a standalone revenue of Rs. 11772 Mn. Elecon earned a standalone profit of Rs. 879 Mn, a 32.77% increase over previous year. In 2008-09, the company witnessed 14.43% reduction in profit after tax due to the downturn of global economy and poor domestic scenario. However, the company strongly recovered in 2009-10 registering Rs. 662 Mn profit after tax, an increase of 15.13%. The company was founded by Shri. Ishwarbhai Patel in the year 1951 in Bombay and started manufacturing conveying equipments. On 11 th January 1960, the company was converted into Private Limited Company. In May the company shifted its base to Vallabh Vidaynager and became Public Limited Company. In the year 1976, the company set up separate gear manufacturing facility. Today, its product portfolio includes gears and power transmission, material handling equipments addressing its customers in steel, fertilizer, cement, coal, lignite, Mines, power stations, sugar, chemical, plastics and rubber industries. Product wise the business operations can be segregated in 3 verticals which are gears and power transmissions, Material Handling Equipments and Alternate Energy products. The company manufactures Helical & Bevel Helical Gear Boxes, Worm Gear Boxes, Couplings, Wind Mill Gear Boxes, Elevator Traction Machines, Planetary Gear Boxes, Marine Gear Boxes, High Speed Gear
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Boxes, Geared Motors. In each category the company manufactures a wide range of products for various applications. Sl . Category Products Sl . Category Products 1 Helical & Bevel Helical Gear Boxes ET - Series Cooling Tower Gear Boxes Dual Tandem Gear Boxes Loose Gears - Spiral Bevel Pair Custom Built Gear Boxes 6 Planetary Gear Boxes Sugar Mill Drive Bucket Wheel Drive Slew Drive 2 Worm Gear Boxes ER - Series Special Worm Gears Super NU Series 7 Marine Gear Boxes Reverse Reduction Gearbox Reduction Gearbox CODOG Marine Gear Box 3 Couplings Elflex Flexible Elign Gear Fluid Scoop Fluid Torison Shaft 8 High Speed Gear Boxes Turbo Gear Unit 4 Wind Mill Gear Boxes Small & Medium Wind Turbine Gear Box High Capacity Wind Turbine Drive Gear Box Small & Medium Wind Turbine Gear Box 9 Geared Motors Helical Gear Motor with Solid Shaft Helical Geared Motor Helical Bevel Geared Motor Helical Gear Motor with Hollow Shaft PBL Geared Motor 5 Elevator Traction Machines TM Series EH Series - EH 130 EH Series - EH 150G EH Series - EH 180K EH Series - EH 250K In material handling equipment (MHE) segment, the products are classified as per the industry applications. It supplies conveyors, idlers and pulleys for mining industry, stack reclaimer, loaders, scrapers, stock piles
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Company Analysis - Analysis of a Mid Cap Manufacturing...

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