r6 - 1 How is Heaven portrayed in these articles How does...

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1. How is Heaven portrayed in these articles? How does Prince Shotoku relate Heaven to natural events and to human events? Prince Shotoku wrote Seventeen Article constitution in 604. By using natural events and Heaven, they gave emphasis to the elements in the articles. The articles include series of precepts of social behavior for his countrymen to follow. He relates Heaven to natural and human events. Heaven is portrayed as obtaining harmony. Everyone has to maintain equilibrium above personal interest. For example, “when the superiors are in harmony with each other and the inferior are friendly, then affairs are discussed quietly with the right view of matters prevails.” The Ministers and officials of the state have to behave properly, if not, the distinctions of rank are confused. “Therefore when lord and vassal behave with propriety, the government will be in order. “ Prince Shotoku states people should have Buddhist as their belief system. According to article two, the three treasures are Buddha, Buddhist Laws, and Priesthood and should be scared “for they are the final refuge of all living things.” He continues to article nine with “good faith is the foundation of right.” If the lord and the vassal keep good faith, anything can be achieved. Next, one has to obey their Sovereign. Relating the people to Earth and himself to Heaven, Earth and Heaven mustn’t fall out of place or Heaven will fall in ruin. Therefore, do not fail to carry out the commands of the Sovereign or ruin will be the
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r6 - 1 How is Heaven portrayed in these articles How does...

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