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Writing Assignment Carefully review the sound section and the rhyme section of this unit. Make sure you understand all the terms. Then read this poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins . Write a short essay, using the timed writing rubric as a guide, in which you explain the way Hopkins uses sound to enhance the meaning of the poem. This is a very difficult poem. It would be very helpful to visit this web site to see how a distinguished professor views the meaning of the poem, and also to see that there is not universal agreement about it. One valuable learning is to see how Hopkins uses ambiguity in the poem. Several of the words in the poem, like "buckle," can mean several different things, and Hopkins possibly means all the possibilities. Remember, though, that your essay should focus on the way Hopkins uses sound . Throughout Hopkin’s Winderhover the diction is rich and imagery. The imagery of skating and riding is wonderfully drawn. The metaphysics is very complex a sensation of cheer and untrammeled energy can be felt on the heel of the skate. The central of the poem is the
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