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Page 1 of 1 BME240 Biomechanics Spring 2011 Homework and Practice Problems #2 Due Time: 2:30pm on 2/8/2011 1. Homework Problems (20 points each) 3.37 3.54 3.72 3.80 2. Biomechanics Homework Problem (20 points) When a spherical neutrophil migrates out of the blood circulation to fulfill its immunological function, it first rolls on the blood vessel at a constant velocity. During this process, a membrane tube ( AB ) can be extracted from the neutrophil and the endothelial cell that lines the blood vessel surface. The membrane tube is thin and soft, so it can be considered a cable. The force exerted on the neutrophil by the blood flow is F , which is in parallel to the blood vessel surface and its magnitude is
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Unformatted text preview: F . The blood flow also exerts a clockwise couple M on the neutrophil and its magnitude is M . The weight of the neutrophil is W , which forms an angle of 120 with F . The radius of the neutrophil is R and the distance between A and C is L (C is the contact point between the neutrophil and the blood vessel). Neglect the friction between the neutrophil and the blood vessel surface. Determine the support force applied by the blood vessel to the neutrophil at point C and the tension in the membrane tube AB (express your solutions in F , W , M , L , and R ). 3. Practice Problems (do not turn in) 3.16 3.35 3.74 3.86 F A B Blood Vessel Neutrophil W O C...
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