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704 Chapter 14 Operational Amplifiers Problems Section 14.1: Ideal Operational Amplifiers P14.1. What are the c haract er istics of an id eal op amp? P14.2. A real amp has five terminals. Name probable function for each terminals. P14.3. A differential amplifier input voltages v1 and v2. Give definitions differen- tial voltage common-mode vo ltage. *P14.4. The a differential amplifier (t) = 0.5 cos(2000n t) + 20 cos(120n v2 (t) = -0.5 cos(2000n + Find expressions for differential components signa l. P14.5. Discuss distinction between open-loop gain closed-loop gain. Section 14.2: Inverting Amplifiers *P14.6. ste ps in analyzing amplifier containing ideal P14.7. do we mean by term summing- point constraint? Does it apply when posi- tive feedback is present? P14.8. Draw circuit diagram basic invert- in g amplifier configuration. Give expres- sion closed-loop voltage gain terms resistances, assuming amp. Give expressions for impedance output circuit. P14.9. Consider circuit s hown Figure P14.9. Sketch Vin v 0 to scale versus time. is ideal. *P14.10. Determine shown Figure Pl4.10, assuming amp. P14.11. De termin e th e closed-loop voltage gain Figure P14.11, assuming 30kQ + lOkQ 2 sin(20007Tt) Vin - - - - Figure P14.9 R R R - - - - Figure P14.1 0 15 R 2R R Vjn R - - - - - - Figure P14.11 + R - - - - + v 0 _1 - - + - - P14.12. inverting amplifier Figure P14.12, which one resistors ha s be en replaced with a diode . Assume amp, positive, a diod e cur- rent given by Equation 10.4, which states that iD = Is exp(vDfnVr). Derive * Denotes answers contained in the Student Solutions fil es. See App endix F for mor e information about accessing the Stud e nt Solutions.
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expression for v 0 in terms of Vin, R, Is, n, and VT. . 'o R - Figure P14.12 + v Pl4.13. Repeat Problem P14.12 by interchanging the resistance and the diode. Keep the diode pointing toward the right-hand side. P14.14. Consider the circuit shown in Figure P14.12, with an unusual diode that has in = Kv1 Derive an expression for R, K. P14.15. The op amp shown in Figure Pl4.15 is ideal, except that the extreme output voltages that it can produce are ±10 V. Determine two possible values for each of the voltages shown. (Hint: Notice that this circuit has positive feedback.) 2kn 1 kQ 2V Figure P14.15 j_ P14.16. Consider the inverting amplifier shown in Figure P14.16. Assuming an ideal op amp, solve for the currents and voltages shown. According to Kirchhoff's current law, the sum of the currents entering a closed surface must equal the sum of the currents leav- ing. Explain how the law is satisfied for the closed surface shown when we use a real op amp in this circuit. Problems 705 2kQ ___. .--- / ..... ' I \ i 1 >I \ .------1 ...... 1..- ___ , Closed Surface Figure P14.16 > 1kQ Section 14.3: Noninverting Amplifiers *Pl4.17. Draw the circuit diagram of an op-amp volt- age follower. What value is its voltage gain? Input impedance? Output impedance? *Pl4.18. The voltage follower of Figure 14.12 on page 673 has unity voltage gain so that vin. Why not simply connect the load directly to the source, thus eliminating the op amp? Give an example of a situation in which the voltage follower is particularly good compared with the direct connection. P14.19. Draw the circuit diagram of the basic non- inverting amplifier configuration. Give an expression for the closed-loop voltage gain
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CH14_Problems - 7 04 C hapter 1 4 Operational Amplifiers P...

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