BSC1005_Study_guide_ - Chromosomes 2 Describe the different types of chromosomal mutations and their effect on the individual 3 Define a nitrogen

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Note: The following learning objectives are meant to represent a general overview of the General Biology (BSC 1005) and by no means are to be used as an all inclusive study guide. Requisites for this course include all assigned readings, handouts, written assignments, movies and lectures as well as any extra projects. Students are responsible for all the assigned materials regardless of whether or not said materials have been specifically covered or addressed during class. As always, students with questions regarding assignments, whether covered in class or not, are welcome to come to my office during office hours, or by appointment, or may e-mail at [email protected] their questions to me and I will respond in a timely manner. 1. Describe the following: a. DNA b.
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Unformatted text preview: Chromosomes 2. Describe the different types of chromosomal mutations and their effect on the individual. 3. Define: a. nitrogen base b. base pairing c. r RNA d. m RNA e. t RNA f. transcription g. translation h. codon i. genetic code j. ribosome k. genetic engineering 4. Describe how hormones affect both males and females and their influence in their development. 5. List the anatomical parts of the male and female reproductive organs and their accessory structures. 6. List the methods of birth control and their effectiness. 7. Contrast DNA and RNA 8. How DNA is use for “fingerprinting”? 9. List 3 examples of the benefits of genetic engineering. 10. List 5 examples of genetically altered crops. 11. Describe what happens during the menstrual cycle....
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