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Essay/Article—Report Doran - 1 Essay/Article Report Common Criteria for Business Reports Topic is usually based on offering a question, problem, or proposition is based on information usually presented through an argument or a research study is based on information, quantitative/ qualitative and/or practical work is usually more unbiased/objective than an essay/article (less opinions, more quantitative information, etc.) Purpose is used to enter into an ongoing conversation about an issue, argument, question, etc. uses critical thinking; i.e., shows actual critical- thinking process articulates well-argued process/response establishes a thesis and presents credible evidence to support thesis emphasizes process first—then product clarifies and presents issue, argument, question, etc. in concise form presents results of critical thinking, usually in form of empirical results—and/or— compares/contrasts results—and/or— emphasizes product—over process—although it sums up process Audience/ Reader addresses—usually—primary audience most strongly… and then secondary audience addresses—usually—at primary, secondary, and tertiary audiences… equally Rhetoric is concerned with ethos through showing credible
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211_article-report-comparison - Essay/Article-Report...

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