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ENGL 420I: Syllabus Section: 033-19653, Fall 2008 Day/Place: M/W/F: 10:30—11:20, ENAD 233 Instructor: Ms. Doran Course Site: jodoran.wordpress.com Office: Heavilon 207A Email: [email protected] Office Hours: TBA English 420 teaches students the rhetorical principles and writing practices necessary for producing effective business letters, memos, reports, and collaborative projects in professional contexts. The curriculum is informed by current research in rhetoric and professional writing and is guided by the needs and practices of business, industry, and society at large, as well as by the expectations of Purdue students and programs. All sections of English 420I are offered in networked computer classrooms to ensure that students taking the course are prepared for the writing environment of the 21st-century workplace. The course teaches the rhetorical principles that help students shape their business writing ethically, for multiple audiences, in a variety of professional situations. This section of ENGL 420I focuses on a Service-Learning perspective. In other words, every project attempts to tie assignments together toward a final Service-Learning Project: This course guide contains all of the materials for this class. COURSE DESCRIPTION & OVERVIEW Textbooks (search on AddAll) Before and After Graphics for Business by John McWade. Required Guide for Internationals Valentine Reynolds, Prentice-Hall 0-13-170524-5. Required Excellence in Business Communication by John V. Thill and Courtland L. Bovee: On reserve at Hicks Library Course Goals This class consistently considers a rhetorical perspective of business communication, writing and oral. To that end, you will focus on writing for general audiences and decision makers and understanding the ethical dimensions of workplace communication. Additionally, the project goals will culminate in a strong understanding of the following: Writing in Context Analyze professional cultures, social contexts, and audiences to determine how they shape the various purposes and forms of workplace writing, such as persuasion, organizational communication, and public discourse, with an emphasis on writing for a range of defined audiences and stakeholders negotiating the ethical dimensions of workplace communication Project Management Understand, develop and deploy various strategies for planning, researching, drafting, revising, and editing documents both individually and collaboratively.
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Select and use appropriate technologies that effectively and ethically address professional situations and audiences. Build professional ethos through documentation and accountability. Document Design Make rhetorical design decisions about workplace documents, including understanding and adapting to genre conventions and audience expectations understanding and implementing design principles of format and layout interpreting and arguing with design drafting, researching, testing, and revising visual designs and information architecture
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420i_fall2008_5 - ENGL 420I Syllabus Section 033-19653 Fall...

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