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Attendance There is no distinction between "excused" or "unexcused" absences. If you miss class, for whatever reason, you will be held to the participation policy above. I never need a note or excuse for missing class. Discussions Some of your writing for this class will be posted publicly on the Internet to your individual discussion forum on Blackboard. Discussion posting assignments may include drafts, project logs, and research notes, among other types of content. The announcements listed on Blackboard specify what you should post to your discussion and by when, so let that be your guide. Reading Responses Although we will have many readings each week, you are responsible for writing discussion posts as a
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Unformatted text preview: reading response. The reading responses will function to synthesize the readings and your reactions to them, much like class discussion. Comments and Replies All comments and replies to another's discussion post should follow effective rhetorical strategies for networking with others on the Web. (Readings from the course text provide guidelines to follow.) Keep postings relevant. Follow-up comments with further discussion. Think of your comments and replies as part of a discussion in which everyone participates....
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