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Jane Doe 555 Pretty Street, Lafayette, IN 47906, [email protected] May 13, 2009 Terry Andrews Vice President in Human Resources ABC Company 123 City St. Nice City, IN 47901 Dear Terry Andrews: In researching available job positions in human resources, I found the ABC Company job to be very exciting. The position offers an interesting focus with community service, which appeals to me very much. I read about ABC Company a few months ago through a press release related to donations to local schools, and I am very excited to find an opening in your company. Throughout my internship work the past four years, I became aware of my ease in working directly with individuals, especially within community-focused projects. In responding quickly and professionally to two updated timeframes and a project emergency deadline, I found I could handle any situation that arose. Additionally, in my daily work of engaging with people in need of shelter, I learned how to communicate well with these individuals
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