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Jo Doran 1 Correspondence Formats/Guidelines Please use these guidelines as just that—guidelines. Please amend these formats using your own discretion based on context, audience, and other rhetorical needs. For all types of correspondence— Do not assume a name is masculine or feminine. Be cautious and err on the side of formality. Make sure you include your contact information. If you are using a letterhead, you are including your contact information there. If you are not using a letterhead, include your address and contact information at the top—or after your name at the bottom. Make sure you leave room for your signature between the closing and your printed name. NOTE: The three-paragraph letter format may be changed, if you feel you need four paragraphs. Cover Letter Letterhead Date Name Title Company/Organization Address C/S/Z Dear (Appropriate salutation here): Paragraph #1. Paragraph #2. Paragraph #3. Closing, Your name typed here Get into the habit of using a letterhead for every correspondence. Uniformity is great. Make sure you include a title. This means you must research the individual and the company. It is assumed that you will do so. Paragraph #1 is where you let the company—and reader— know that you have researched their company. State something pertinent and in good taste about the company. For example, what drew you to this company? Paragraph #2 is the meat of the resume. This is where you show yourself—in a way you cannot in the resume itself. Paragraph #3 is to be proactive. Take the initiative; let them know when you will be calling and why.
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Jo Doran 2 Persuasive Letters Examples of persuasive letters include cover letters, sales letters, complaint letters, and others. Cover Letters: (Described on previous page) Sales Letters: In such letters you may be trying to get an individual/company to go into business with you, display your goods, etc.
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correspondence-formats_final - Jo Doran 1 Corr espon den ce...

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