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Course Projects and Activities 1. Employment Project You will be asked to locate a job for which you are qualified and apply for it. Step 1 of the project asks you to learn about and use various web-based resources for job seekers and ultimately to select one job to pursue. Step 2 asks you to prepare a resume suitable for such a position Step 3 asks you to prepare the all- important "Job Application Letter.” In the process of completing each step, you will work closely with your peers and me to shape your writing so that it represents you and your experience fully and effectively, given the rhetorical circumstances. You will also study and respond to examples from the textbook. ( Individual; 225 points .) 2. Analyzing Online Writing Contexts This project asks that you identify and analyze an online forum. You will perform a rhetorical analysis--examining the audience, goals, and writing on the site. For this project you will have one deliverable: a memo examining the rhetorical context of the
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