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Doran What is a Critical Essay – and How Do I Write One? What is a critical essay or… why am I writing this? A critical essay is a review – or a critique – of an author’s work. It is not a summary paper. Instead, it makes objective judgment calls on the value, strength, and/or credibility of an author’s work. It focuses on the author’s work from an objective point of view – and not much from your opinion. Therefore, you must support your evaluation (review/critique) with evidence, which means referring to other works, usually similar works written on this topic by other authors. At times, you may juxtapose one or more works written on this topic next to the work you are critiquing. We write critical essays to gain a better understanding of what an author is doing – and how well he/she is doing it. While you will include your own opinion, you will base your opinion and judgment calls on outside sources and remain as objective as possible. In critiquing an author’s work, we must not merely critique the piece as a whole – but we must
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