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Communities Business Culture and Globalization By: Miguel PremoliMiguel Premoli Pepsico Inc Date: January 19 2004 Cultural Diversity As a result of globalization, as every day goes by, corporate executives are being asked to have one more important sphere of competence: Cultural Diversity. This competence or skill implies that management must understand the difference in the interrelations with people from different cultures. Every cultural setting has its own pattern that shapes the manner by which people interrelate, such as: how they greet each other, the conversations they have, they way they handle their table manners, business protocol, and many more different ways of interacting. It is different the way a man greets a woman, for example, in the United States and in Great Britain, a handshake is the proper way, while in Argentina a man will kiss a woman on the cheek. In many European countries, especially those of Latin descendants, a light kiss on each cheek is exchanged, and in other countries, each cheek is kissed twice, and still in other countries it is customary for the men to kiss each other twice on the cheek. There is also a difference in the way that feedback is given to a colleague, what is considered to be standard in the US could actually be considered rude in another cultural setting. They way by which you deal with your boss is totally different in many countries, some of our bosses replies can also have a different meaning, depending on the role that you play; and of course, body language can also portray different interpretations, depending on the context. It is a key issue to be able to understand these things, especially in today´s world. It is of utmost importance for management at international levels to understand these different cultural customs, especially to be able to carry forth business across frontiers.
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