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English 420 E-Commerce Project  In this project, you are asked to do web-based research (and perhaps some library research) and to write an informative report on the question of electronic commerce, or "e-commerce." Is it a good idea for businesses to invest in electronic commerce—that is, to use the Internet/World Wide Web as a medium for promoting their corporate image or for selling products and services? Before you shout "Yes, it's the web stupid!" think about the question in a serious way. First, this is a broad question, and even if you think the answer should be yes (or no), your first step is to focus thoughtfully on the issues, such as: What are the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce? Why would somebody want to have a business presence on the web? What are the problems involved? What about costs—and are the costs of a web site worth it in terms of return on investment? Your research will result in a short (minimum 3-5 pages) informative report on the important issues surrounding e-commerce. These types of informative reports are often called "white papers." Your white paper is not intended for one particular company or organization, but is more broadly focused to inform on the issue of e-commerce. The purpose of this project is (1) to help you gain some expertise on a particular topic of importance to business (web commerce); (2) to produce a report of interest and value to businesses that might be considering engaging in web commerce; and (3) to prepare you for the corporate web project. Who is the audience for this project? While this report is intended for a broad audience, you still need to consider the type of person interested in this topic. For the purposes of this project, you should imagine you are part of a consulting firm that prepares reports, or white papers, for various businesses. Since these reports are for already-established businesses, you will need to consider e-commerce from that perspective.
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Ecommerceproject - English 420 ECommerce Project In this...

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