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Worksheet: Using ISIS to Inspect a Document ISIS is a tool for analyzing audience, purpose, and genre. Used systematically, ISIS can help you analyze a document by starting with the global issue of image and working your way down to the more local issues of the text. Directions: Using the questions below, analyze the sample documents using the grid provided. Analyzing image Image is a reflection of the organization’s attitude about everything it publishes (and often an attempt to influence an audience’s attitude about the organization). Image is in some ways the most abtract feature to assess, but it’s also the one that’s the easiest to get right by “going with your gut instincts.” The following set of questions may help you begin your analysis of image. How would you describe the publication’s look? How do layout and typeface contribute to the document’s overall image? (Is the typeface big and easy to read? Do the pages use lots of white space are they crammed with text? What do those choices say about the image the publisher is trying to project.) What seems to be the overall focus of the document? Are particular elements emphasized (visuals? text? is “special” information highlighted through the use of color, boxes, or some other device?) What percentage of the space is given over to visuals? Are the visuals complex or simple? If you had to pick a word to describe the style of the
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ISIS_worksheet - Worksheet: Using ISIS to Inspect a...

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