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Corporate Web Oral Recommendation Report Reaction and Commentary by Peers for Imagine that you are the client for this team and you have paid this team to research, prepare, and present this recommendation report. With this in mind, address the following questions. 1. Were you convinced by this team's presentation? That is, are you convinced enough to implement these recommendations? Are they feasible to you? Explain below. Yes No 2. Your agency has paid this team on a competitive basis for their recommendations. Do you feel as if the team earned their salary? Why? Yes No 3. Overall Visual Presentation and Design— Powerpoint presentation is smooth and effectively designed. There is an equal combination of text and images.
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Unformatted text preview: □ Needs work □ Fair □ Good □ Excellent 4. Relevance of Visual Materials— Visual materials make sense to the audience and clearly articulate the ideas being presented. □ Needs work □ Fair □ Good □ Excellent 5. Quality of Oral Delivery (Polish and Professionalism)— Effective transitions between speakers. Speakers use professional language and demeanor. □ Needs work □ Fair □ Good □ Excellent 6. What suggestions can you make to this team as they transform their presentation into the written report? 7. Any other comments?...
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