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Project Assessment Memo Peer Review Writer: Reviewer: Does the writer follow the proper memo format? Is there anything that is missing or needs to be changed? Does the writer answer all of the following questions and each specific area listed below? Writing in Context :How did the particular job you applied for affect how you wrote your letter? Did it change or affect how you presented yourself? How did applying for this position help you understand aspects of your experience you might need to develop more? Process :What was the most challenging document to produce and why? Briefly describe and explain one of the significant revisions you made to this document after your initial draft. Research :Which research resource proved to be the most beneficial for you? The least? Explain. Collaboration :What was one way that peer feedback helped you improve your
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Unformatted text preview: work? How did responding to the work of others help you improve your own work? Project Management :How well did you plan your work on this project? What might you have done differently? Document Design :What is the most effective aspect of your deliverables in terms of presentation or design? Have you deliberately adapted a standard form in an unusual or creative way? If so, why? Are you persuaded by the writer’s rhetorical decisions and reasons for making those choices? How might the memo be more persuasive? Does the memo fully explain the process? Was anything left out? Is the memo written in a professional style and tone? Are there typographical or mechanical errors? Can you help correct those? What one suggestion for revision can you provide?...
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