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Collaborative Project Evaluation Form Project: ____________________ YOUR NAME: _________________________________ TEAM MEMBERS' NAMES: _________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ DIRECTIONS: Respond to each question as openly and honestly as you can. I will be the only person to see your evaluation of your team’s performance and will use your responses here as one factor in my determination of your grade on the project. Complete and print the form, then submit it to me. Use the back of this form when necessary. 1. How many times did your team meet? Did any members of your team miss any of these meetings? If so, give names and their explanations below.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. How would you evaluate each person's contribution to the teams efforts? Name each person and rank his or her effort (e.g. much effort, average effort, little effort). Justify your rankings with specific examples of why you think as you do. 3. Evaluate your contribution to the team project. Explain. 4. Does anyone in your group deserve more or less credit (i.e., grade) than others? If so, identify him or her below, giving reasons for your assessment. 5. Do you feel that your team was successful or unsuccessful working together? Explain your response. 6. Additional Notes: This sheet must be submitted to me individually on or before the date your final draft of the team project is due....
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peercollabprojecteval - 2. How would you evaluate each...

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