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Positive space is generally what we think of as the “thing” in a composition. If we place a white object in a black field, we immediately think of the object as the “thing”, or the positive space. Vice-versa. As a result, most designs tend to focus on positive space. This is natural, since as designers we want to get the point across which usually means showing some “thing” as clearly as possible. This is natural. Our content (what subject matter we are dealing with, our message) is most accessible through what is there (positive space), rather than what is not there (negative space). Unfortunately, all too often negative space gets the shaft. Think of any design as the sum of it’s parts. Negative space is often 80-90% of the overall design. If the negative space isn’t considered, the design will suffer. How do we recognize positive space? How do we spot recognize space? Positive space often appears as the foreground object in the image, and negative space the back- ground. We can also spot positive/negative space
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