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Principles for Comments and Replies Because there will be no face-to-face meetings in this class, posting comments and replies to the reading responses and drafts of others will be the primary means of class interaction and discussion. Each time there is a reading response, the instructor will promote at least two blog posts to the front page of the course website. There, everyone will respond to and discuss the readings, drafts, or other work posted to our course website. The course description explains the purpose of this coursework: You are required to post five (5) comments and replies (e.g., follow-up responses) each week to the blog posts (reading and other responses posted by others) appearing on our course's front page. Each should be, at minimum, 100 words each. All comments and replies to another's blog post should follow effective rhetorical strategies for networking with others on the Web. (Readings from the course text provide guidelines to follow.) Keep threads alive and relevant. Follow-up comments with further discussion.
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