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From Professional Writing Online How Professional Documents Can Go Wrong Each document below is a real piece of business or technical writing produced by an actual writer for some organizational context. Answer these questions about each document: 1. What relationship does the writer have with his or her audience? 2. Do you see any ethical problems or issues in these documents? What does it mean for a document to be "ethical"? Here's a quick test for document ethics: Does the text mislead, misrepresent, lie outright, or harm? Does it fail to protect people, assume the worst of them, insult their intelligence, confuse them, trample on their feelings, do actual violence to their personhood, treat them as things (instruments to be manipulated), or put them in untenable positions? That's the negative side of ethics. But there is also a positive side. Writing can do good and help others (the ultimate purpose of all writing). Does the document treat readers (and other people) with respect? Does it respect their feelings and positions? Does it fairly and effectively represent the truth? protect their interests? help them solve or avoid problems? make their lives better? "Lifetime" Insurance Protection: Buyer Beware Background: People in the high-risk health insurance category might be enticed by a newspaper advertisement seeming to promise "lifetime" health insurance protection. Look at the newspaper advertisement below, then at the actual contractual language of the policy. Does the policy really provide enrollees with lifetime protection? Is the language of the policy clear? From an insurance advertisement in local newspaper:
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pwoexercise - From Professional Writing Online How...

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