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Questions about Assignments (Ask Them!) At some point in the semester, almost everyone is likely to have some questions and concerns about how to complete an assignment. In a normal face-to-face class, these questions might be answered in regular class discussion. Because this is an online class, each week, one of the instructors will blog about the following week's assignments, inviting open discussion. If you have any questions or concerns, check out the FAQ course home page. If your questions and concerns are not answered there, post them as comments. Know that all class members are encouraged to respond to questions--not just the teachers--so that we can discuss the assignments. If you can help clarify or answer any concerns of your classmates, please do so. Plus, participating in these discussions is one way to demonstrate more effort than just the minimum
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Unformatted text preview: requirements of the class. While some of you might think, "I'd rather just email the teacher directly," sharing your concerns on the class website can benefit everyone. The question you ask might help someone later, someone who hasn't thought about the assignment in the way that you have. Yet, they still might arrive at the same question later on. They need only read through the blog and comments to find the question that you already posted, as well as an answer. If you feel you need a more immediate response, still post your question or concerns, then email your instructor, who will be sure to respond to your email by replying to your comment ASAP. If you have something personal to discuss, something not to be shared with the rest of the class, you are, of course, welcome to email your instructor privately....
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