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English 420 Corporate Web Research Tips You've interviewed your client and collected all relevant documents. Now what do you do? 1. Analyze the documents you have collected from the organization, including information already on the website. Examine the message of the document(s). Does it correspond with the stated mission of the organization? What's the dominant "look" of the document? How are the layout and visuals used? Does the message fit the format? Why or why not? 2. Compare the organization with other comparable organizations on the web. Look for other towns or cities about the size of Lafayette. How do these organizations operate online? What information do they provide to their users? How is your organization in Lafayette similar or different? 3. Find out more about the population, demographics, and communities of Lafayette, West Lafayette, and Tippecanoe County—the people who will be using the organization's site.
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Unformatted text preview: You might go to http://www.jconline.com for some statistics or do a search at http://www.google.com for the cities of West Lafayette, Lafayette, and Tippecanoe County. 4. Find out more about how your organization is in the news. Go to the Journal and Courier website (http://www.jconline.com) or do a Google search for your organization. What publicity has your organization had in the past? 5. Start researching the nuts and bolts of web design and implementation. Check out prices on the web for hardware, software, consulting firms, ISPs, etc. Remember to take into consideration local costs and availability. 6. Research resources for nonprofits at Purdue (such as the EPICS project) 7. Arrange follow-up appointments, emails, or phone conversations with your client to gather additional information....
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