Resume_workshop - organized more effectively 7 Does the...

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Resume Workshop 1. Is the objective statement clear,  straightforward, and specific to the  advertised position? Can you make  suggestions for revision? 2. Does the resume pass the quadrant test? If  not, can you make some design suggestions? 3. Does the resume fit comfortably within the  page (as opposed to being squished in or  stretched out)?  How might the writer make  improvements? 4. Is the resume easily readable (no confusing  fonts, clearly marked sections)?  What  improvements can be made? 5. What three things are your eyes immediately  drawn toward on the resume?  6. Is the most important information located on  the left side of the page and near the top  whenever possible?  Can the information be 
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Unformatted text preview: organized more effectively? 7. Does the resume content support the objective statement? Explain. 8. Could the resume be shorter and remain just as effective? Is the resume too short? 9. Is there any relevant information that seems to be absent from the resume? 10. Do sentences and paragraphs begin with a variety of action verbs that effectively represent the writer? 11. Does the resume avoid generalities and focus on specific information about experience? 12. Does this resume look generic or does it stand out? How and why does it stand out? Resume Workshop Name of Applicant: Name of Reviewer:...
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Resume_workshop - organized more effectively 7 Does the...

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