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Sample Complaint Letter __________Dandy Manufacturing, Inc.__________ 2525 E. 34 th Street Greeley, CO 80631 February 18, 2004 Better Widget Makers, Inc. 5555 Widget Avenue Silver City, CO 80456 Attention: Customer Service Department On February 9 th I received an incorrect shipment of Widgets fulfilling the order I placed on February 3 rd . Rather than the 300 Deluxe Yellow Widgets (Ref. # XT111) that I ordered, the shipment contained 300 Regular Yellow Widgets (Ref. # XT101). As per the instructions we received on the telephone, the unwanted Regular Widgets were shipped back the same day. It was promised that the correct items would be shipped out
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Unformatted text preview: the very next day, February 10 th , and be delivered freight free the following week. As of this date we have not yet received our shipment of Deluxe Widgets. This was a COD order, paid for with check #250564 in the amount of $1,913.50, which has already cleared through our bank. If these Widgets cannot be shipped February 20 th , please cancel the order and send a refund check in the amount of $1,368.00 for the unfulfilled portion of the order. I have enclosed a copy of the original order. Thank you, Jim Dandy, Jr. General Manager Enclosure: Order Letter dated February 3, 2004...
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