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Sample Credit Letter #1 __________Better Widget Makers, Inc.__________ 5555 Widget Avenue Silver City, CO 80456 February 27, 2004 Ms. Ann Hope President LA Gadget Emporium 119 S. Vineyard Ave. Ontario, CA 91761 Dear Ms. Hope: Thank you for your credit application and your order. We appreciate your business and the fact that you have chosen Better Widget Makers, Inc. as your primary source for Widgets and Widget accessories. More and more people are recognizing our excellent reputation for fine products and quality service. We offer convenient credit terms to qualified applicants with the intention of developing a satisfying long-term business relationship. As you know, completing a credit check can
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Unformatted text preview: take 2-3 weeks. Please bear with us±we are processing your credit application as quickly as possible. Our company policy requires that all first-time customer orders be shipped COD. This restriction on your account is temporary and will be removed as soon as your new credit line and Net 30 terms have been established. Pending approval of your request, please accept the introductory 10% discount we have already applied to your current order, and please take advantage of this discount on every order placed with Better Widget Makers, Inc. throughout the month of March. Sincerely, Bernard Van DeNyes Credit Department...
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