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Adam Goldsmith Hist. 4B Discussion W 5pm 1-23-08 Thomas Aquinas used the already credible philosophy of Aristotle as a reference point by which to compare Catholic ideals and point out their consistencies. What this did was add validity to Catholicism and justify the mysteries and disputes that surrounded it with the concept that humans, given their limitations, were not meant to fully understand God. This was a philosophical way of interpreting religion and how it pertains to the ways of man. Aquinas’ book, On the Truth of the Catholic Faith , used several of Catholicism’s most primary and controversial ideals in conjunction with Aristotle’s “everything follows its own nature” belief. For example, he used the passage from the bible, “Thou shalt not have intercourse with a male as with a woman” as a compliment to Aristotle’s nature
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Unformatted text preview: theory, as homosexual intercourse doesn’t serve a purpose as provided by nature (p.19). Because the purpose of semen is procreation, its transmission into another man would go against its nature, and hence, against its purpose and divine will. Aquinas went on in his to book to cover numerous issues. These included the eternal existence of the world, man’s inability to merit divine aid, and how man’s relationship with his neighbor is ordered according to God, all of which appealed to Catholicism and revelation as well as philosophy. In effect, he was bringing two seemingly separate institutions together and reinforcing each one. He established them as being complimentary and not opposing as many commonly assumed....
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