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Employment Project : Self-assessment worksheet  1. Look through your job description and any notes from your research and list in the table  below what you feel to be key words/phrases (For instance,  develop, serve team-oriented,  oversee , etc., might be important phrases that help you determined what an employer wants in  an applicant.). In the second column, list any of your experiences (professional or otherwise)  that match those key words/phrases.  Employer Me Example:  develop promotional  material I made brochures for my church advertising 
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Unformatted text preview: our various support/social/educational groups 2. If you feel you still don’t have enough information to work with, further research the company or position using the various online sources mentioned in class. 3. Answer the following prompts: Provide a one-paragraph summary of the job you are applying for. Provide a one-paragraph explanation answering why you have applied for this position. Provide a one-paragraph explanation answering why you feel you are qualified for this job....
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