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Service Learning Project During the Service Learning Project, students will learn how to work collaboratively to produce a professional project for a real world client. Groups of 3-5 students will produce specific documents for a local non-profit organization determined by the instructor. While producing these documents, students will demonstrate their understanding of audience awareness, research, documentation, ethos, professionalism, conciseness, document design. project prompt and summary The instructor will form student groups and assign each group professional documents based on the
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Unformatted text preview: demands of a specific non-profit agency. Based on an analysis of the non-profit agency, an understanding of their specific requirements, and comprehension of the course principles, the groups will research and produce the necessary documents. Because each group will be producing the same documents as the other groups in its section, clients will vote at the end of the project to select the documents they will use. This means that there is a competitive element to this project....
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