sinfos - A brief description of current and previous...

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Student Information Sheet—English 420 Directions This sheet is intended to both familiarize you with using downloadable course templates and provide me with your personal contact and background information. Once you have completed the form, be certain to save it, using your last name as the file name (e.g., lastname.doc). Tech Notes To simplify filling in the form fields, this document has been “locked.” To unlock it (and thus to change any text) choose View > Toolbars > Forms and then click on the small padlock icon on the forms toolbar. To relock it (and make it easy to fill- in) follow the same steps. You can also turn Form Field Shading off (or back on), by clicking on the icon Contact Information Name: Phone: Address: Email (@purdue) : URL of Home Page (if applicable) : Background Information Major: A few sentences discussing your major, your year in the program, and your involvement in activities, projects, and organizations related to your major:
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Unformatted text preview: A brief description of current and previous positions, duties, and places of employment: Workplace writing experience: A few sentences discussing your professional experience planning, writing, designing, and/or revising documents: Professional goals & interests: A few sentences discussing your goals and interests in your field and how those relate to your future professional development : Computer experience: A brief description outlining your technological experience with various platforms, hardware, software, and programming: Technology Proficiency : Please check the boxes that apply. This information will be used to help the instructor set an agenda for technology modules. Technology Never Used Seldom Used Used Often Advanced User Frontpage Dreamweaver Photoshop Fireworks Acrobat MS Word PowerPoint Career Account Other Proficiencies Not Listed: Save this file with a new name (for example, lastname.doc). 2...
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sinfos - A brief description of current and previous...

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