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Some more thoughts on tailoring the cover letter: The cover letter doesn't just showcase the writer, but it showcases the writer's knowledge of the company and that the writer has thought about what the company needs when stressing aspects of his experience. From this perspective, ANYTHING that might differentiate one company from another can be potentially useful to the writer. For example, might there be anything about the company’s location that the writer can use to his/her advantage or that she/he might need to address? If the jobs are out of the area, does the writer have any connection to that area? Is it worth mentioning? More to the point, however, what's the company's niche market? Who are its customers? How has that market and customer base changed over the past year or so? Here's another more concrete example: A person wants to apply to be a shift manager for a fast-food chain. There are advertised openings at a local McDonalds and a local Burger King. It's likely that the individual would "be doing the same thing" in both jobs.
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Unformatted text preview: However, the cover letters could still be vastly different. If I were applying for the McDonald's job, I would stress my knowledge of its history of providing consistent, quality food around the world, as well as the great importance of upholding the value of the McDonald's name and its stress upon fast, excellent service, its wholesome image, etc. If I were applying for the Burger King job, I might address its status as an innovative competitor in the market and how it values tailoring its products to customer desires ("Have it your way . . ."). The point is that while MY base skills might be the same, I really want to show that I have thought about what the different values of the companies might be, how their products (or work) differ from the norm, and so on. In both cases, the writer would stress aspects of his experience that showed commitment to those values (and ability to achieve those goals)....
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