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Technology Requirements

Technology Requirements - Technology Requirements...

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Technology Requirements & Responsibilities In order to participate fully in the course, you should already be able to use the technology platform and applications listed below. Mac OS System or Windows XP or Vista Microsoft Office (Word and PowerPoint) or Mac Office (Word and Keynote) Web Browser (e.g., Firefox, Safari, Netscape Communicator, or Internet Explorer) Email Program (e.g., Purdue Webmail, Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, Gmail, etc.) Blackboard Familiarity with certain technologies is crucial for participation and success in the course. If you need any assistance now or at any point during the semester, please do not hesitate to ask. During the semester, you'll need regular access to the Internet and e-mail. Because the course calendar, syllabus, and weekly announcements are listed on Blackboard, you are responsible for reading and keeping current with all content posted there. You'll be responsible for configuring your system to access course materials, to read course e-mail and participate in online discussions, and to submit your work. Very early
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