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Weber Service Learning Project This is the Service Learning Page for students enrolled in Weber's 420 course. This summer, we are doing a service learning project with the Clinton County Humane Society (main page) in Frankfort, IN. Our contact person is Cindy Loveless, but to keep her email box from flooding with messages, please send questions to me and I will forward them along to her. Each group will produce two documents for the Humane Society: a general information brochure and a caring for your pet brochure . The Humane Society has written what they would like included in each. You will notice that much of the phrasing below is very rough and vague, so it will be the job of your group to expand and refine the ideas below as you put together your brochures. You will also notice that the Caring For Your Pet information is still vague, so your group will do some required research finding and
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Unformatted text preview: using sources to expand that section. I am still working on getting photographs from the Humane Society for inclusion in the brochures. However, I also recommend using royalty free image sites such as , , and . Please do not use images from Google Image search, as they could be copyright protected. As you put together these brochures, consider several aspects which will be crucial to your grade. • Each brochure must present accurate and relevant information to the appropriate audience. • Each brochure must consider the qualities of effective design from the Thompson Handbook to create a well designed and usable document. • Brochures must be technically correct in information, spelling, and grammar. • Each brochure must be professional and polished in prose and design to represent the Humane Society well....
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