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M F H I ( c ( p ( C u ( P l T U P P P P f ME 352 - M Fall Semeste Homework N Important n (i) This han cover sheet (ii) Your na provided at (iii) You mu Credit will understand. iv) Homewo Please note ate homewo The followin Uicker, Jr., G Problem 1. ( Problem 2. ( Problem 3. ( Problem 4. ( four-bar link achine Desi er 2011 No. 1 (40 po notes for ho dout must b to your solu ame and the the top righ ust use engi not be giv . Any work ork must be that homew ork will not ng problems .R. Pennock, 10 points). S 10 points). S 10 points). S 10 points). I kage, or a dou ign I ints). Due at mework ass be used as a ution. e number of ht hand cor neering pap ven to work that cannot e submitted work will no be graded are taken fr and J.E. Shig Solve Proble Solve Proble Solve Proble Is the linkage uble-crank f F t the beginni signments (a a cover shee f your lab se ner of the p per for your k that is pr t be followe d to your ins ot be graded and cannot om Chapter gley, Oxford U ems 1.3, 1.5, ems 1.11 and em 1.20 on p e shown in F four-bar link Figure 1. A P Name of St Lab Section ing of lecture applicable t et to your so ection must page. r solution. W resented in d will assum structor prio d if these in receive any 1, Theory of University Pr and 1.7 on p d 1.13 on pag page 43. Figure 1 a cr kage. Briefly Planar Four- tudent_____ n Number_ e on Wedne to all homew olution. Th t be include Write your a manner med to be in or to the be nstructions y credit. f Machines an ress, New Yor pages 40-42 ges 42 and 4 rank-rocker f explain the Bar Linkage __________ ___________ sday, Augus works this s e handout m d on the ha solution cle r which is d n error. eginning of t are not foll nd Mechanism rk, 2011. of the text b 43. four-bar link reasons for e. ___________ __________ st 31st. semester): must be stap andout in th early and e difficult to the lecture. owed. For e ms, Fourth Ed book. kage, a doub your answer _______ ________ pled as a he spaces xplicitly. read or example, dition, J.J. ble-rocker r.
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S P a a S f s T t Solution to H Problem 1.3 and a 75 mm angle. Locate Solution. The two from the gro The min shown in Fig The extreme The two the coupler l Homework 3 (3 points). m rocker. Dr e both toggle extreme po und link or f imum transm gure 1b. Fig Figu transmissio min 1 a γ = = toggle posit ink or folded Set 1. A crank-roc aw the linka e positions a ositions of th folded on top mission ang gure 1a. Firs ure 1a. Secon n angles are 53.1 ° tions of the c d on top of t cker linkage age and find and record th he crank-roc p of the grou gle is shown st extreme po nd extreme p e measured fr crank-rocker he coupler l 2 has a 100 m d the maximu he correspon cker linkage und link, see n in Figure osition of the position of th from the scal and r linkage occ ink, see Figu mm frame, a um and mini nding crank a e occur when e Figures 1a 1a and the e crank-rock he crank-roc led drawings max γγ = cur when lin ures 2a and 2 25 mm cran imum value angles and tr n link 2 is e and 1b.
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Homework1asol.fall11 - M 352 Machine Desi I ME M ign F...

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