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ME 352 - Machine Design I Name of Student ______________________________ Fall Semester 2011 Lab Section Number ___________________________ Homework No. 2. Parts (i)-(iv) due at the beginning of lecture, Wednesday, September 7th. (20 points). Part (v) due at the beginning of lab, Monday, September 12th, or Tuesday, September 13th. (20 points). Section 2.12, see pages 77-79, presents five different approaches for the position analysis of planar single degree of freedom linkages. The approaches are illustrated by Example 2.5 which is a sliding- block linkage and Example 2.6 which is a planar four-bar linkage. This homework focuses on four of these approaches for the position analysis of a planar four-bar linkage with the following link dimensions: Ground Link 1: 20.0 cm Input Link 2: 9.0 cm Coupler Link 3: 15.0 cm Output Link 4: 17.0 cm The fixed X and Y-axes are specified as horizontal and vertical, respectively, and the origin is coincident with the ground pivot of the input link 2. The orientation of the ground link relative to the X- axis is 1 15 θ= ° counterclockwise; i.e., oriented above the X-axis.
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