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ME 352 - Machine Design I Name of Student ___________________________ Fall Semester 2011 Lab Section Number ________________________ Homework No. 3 (30 points). Due at the beginning of lecture on Wednesday, September 14th. Consider the variation of the Scotch-yoke mechanism shown in Problem 3.26 on pages 161 and 162. For the given position of the input angle, that is, o 2 45 , θ= perform a position analysis of the mechanism using trigonometry (that is, the law of sines and the law of cosines). If the input link 2 of the mechanism is rotating clockwise with a constant angular velocity of
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Unformatted text preview: 36 rad/s, that is, 2 36 k ω = − rad/s then for the given position of the mechanism, perform a velocity analysis using: (i) The method of kinematic coefficients. (ii) The method of instantaneous centers of velocity. Draw the Kennedy circle and list the primary instant centers and the secondary instant centers. Clearly write the scale that you used for your scaled drawing of the mechanism. Compare the answers that you obtained from Part (i) with the answers that you obtained from Part (ii)....
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