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ME 352 - Machine Design I Name of Student ____________________________ Fall Semester 2011 Lab Section Number ________________________ Homework No. 7 (30 points). Due at the beginning of lecture on Friday, October 21st. Solve Problem 14.15, page 679. For this homework, solve the dynamic force analysis problem by the method of inspection; that is, solve one equation for one unknown variable, or in the worst case scenario solve two equations for two unknown variables. Note the given assumptions: (i) the crank is balanced, that is, the center of mass of link 2 is
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Unformatted text preview: coincident with the ground pivot O 2 ; (ii) there is no friction in the mechanism; (iii) the external force F B is acting on the slider (link 4) at point B; and (iv) gravity is acting into the paper, that is, in the negative Z-direction. If you would like to check your answers for this homework assignment then you could write a computer program in Matlab which will use matrix inversion to determine the unknown variables....
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