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Optional_Research_Proposal_Handout - Optional Research...

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Optional Research Proposal Comm 300: Communication Research This proposal has two main sections: the theory section, and the research design section. The theory section should be 3 pages and the design section should be 6-7 pages. Format : Your total proposal should be: o 9-10 pages in length o Typed, in 12-point Time New Roman font o Have 1-inch margins on all sides. *Papers that do not fit these format requirements will not be accepted, so please make sure to follow them completely.* Theory Section: 3 double-spaced pages For many, the most challenging part of conducting communication research is the move from abstract theoretical arguments to concise research questions. If your research question is not posed well at the outset of a research project, even the most methodologically rigorous research design will not produce results that are valued by your audience. In the theory section you have three main tasks: 1) Demonstrate that you are able to conduct a literature review that synthesizes key ideas and debates drawn from at least 4 journal articles . 2) Identify a key issue in this literature that is worthy of further study. 3) Write a single, concise research question regarding the key issue that you identify as requiring further study. Advice on accomplishing the above three tasks: 1) If you are unfamiliar with how scholars typically conduct literature reviews, I suggest that you spend some time reading scholarly journal articles in your area of interest. Rutgers Libraries have many ways to help you find journal articles of interest. Useful websites include: http://libguides.rutgers.edu/comm http://libguides.rutgers.edu/com201 1 of 10
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www.googlescholar.com is also a great search tool, in addition to the article search engines available to you through the Rutgers Library main page. We have also arranged two optional times when you can meet with Myoung Wilson, who is the Rutgers Librarian dedicated specifically to research by SCI students and faculty. She will be holding sessions at Alexander Library at: 5-6:30pm on Wednesday, April 20 (you do not have class scheduled that day, so this should be an open time for all of you); or 1-2:30pm on Tuesday, April 26 (the day before the optional class where we’ll cover issues related to this proposal). If you wish to attend either session you MUST email your TA at least one day in advance of the session so that Myoung can plan accordingly. Please do not use books or reports for this project . Make sure that you focus your attention on articles that involve empirical research rather than those that present purely theoretical arguments. If you are interested in the implications of internet use for mental health, use a library database to keyword search journal papers about this topic. When reading those articles, pay attention to how the authors build their arguments. Note that
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Optional_Research_Proposal_Handout - Optional Research...

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