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COMMUNITY GROUPS: GENERAL INFORMATION KNOWN TO EVERYONE IN THE BARGAINING GAME The Community Group has diverse interests, as would any city. In addition to information already set forth in the general instructions for the game, you need to know some additional facts: 1. Local business people are politically close to the mayor and the police commissioner. a. The City Council president was elected as an anti-machine independent, but since being elected has most of the time lined up with the mayor in any tests of strength in Council votes. b. The city manager and the health commissioner are politically close to the environmentalist group, as is the public works commissioner some of the time. (The public works commissioner is often a swing vote at council meetings.) c. The "at-large' members of the City Council are still a third force in the city's political life, having been elected to office just this past month after a campaign that attacked both of the existing political alignments as being "indifferent or opposed to the needs of the poor and unemployed people of New Brunswick"; they are closely allied to the "Jobs for All" group of laid-off workers from the B-K plant. 2. The local business people despise the Jobs for All group as a bunch of welfare cheats, and are reluctant to have anything to do with them. a. Local businesses cannot offer employment to these laid-off people unless B-K starts
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Community+Group-General+Information+Known - COMMUNITY...

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