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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to the Collective Bargaining Game Developed by: Wells H. Keddie, PhD, Rutgers University 1. This is a role-playing simulation game. STAY IN CHARACTER! 2. Full participation is absolutely required. Even if you are on a “winning” team, you may be denied the ‘A’ and the exemption from the written final exam if you have not in any way helped to bring about that victory. 3. The goals of the game are: First, to “learn by doing” some of the techniques and factors involved in a collective bargaining situation. Second, to see how well individuals can organize themselves into a winning combination, with the sub- goal being an exemption from the written final. 4. You have been assigned to a specific group by the instructors. Where possible, the assignment reflects your stated preference. 5. There are four general groups: Unionized workers, management, the community, and the state mediation service (mediators). 6. Each group will receive specific information about its own position, information which is confidential to the members of the particular group. 7. Creativity and initiative rank high on the value scale in this game, as in the real world of bargaining. 8. Knowing the fundamentals and acting upon solid information rank even higher. Remember to use your knowledge and reference materials. Don’t just fly blindly; if you do, you lose. 9. You will be observed and graded individually. Those who both participate fully and make real contributions within the confines of their particular roles can earn an ‘A’ and an exemption from the final exam, even if their respective groups do not win the game. 10. You will be given nametags to wear so that the game managers can readily identify you for all the various purposes of the game, including grading. Make up your mind now to keep track of the nametag issued you. Showing up without it, or not wearing it at all times during the game means being penalized both individually and as a group! 11. Finally, come on time to each session, hard as that may be to do. To borrow a phrase, stay the course! Attendance continues to be taken all through the game, so stick with it, folks! General Information 1. The latest rate of unemployment in the New Brunswick area is 10.5%. Statewide, the rate is 11%. New figures will be released shortly. 2. The rate of inflation has just been announced as 5%, annual basis. 3. Bausano-Kiesche has been the object of repeated OSHA inspections requested by calls from employees claiming dangerous and unhealthy workplace conditions. So far, no serious charges have been upheld. 4. Rumors circulate throughout New Brunswick and neighboring communities that Bausano-Kiesche is dumping waste chemicals into the local water supply....
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Introduction+to+the+Collective+Bargaining+Game -...

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