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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon - news report on the controversy around the NYC Islamic Cultural Center location - excerpts from press conference by religious leaders Video 1: Islamic Center Controversy 1. What reasons do people in the video who’ve lost relatives on 9/11 give for not wanting an Islamic Cultural Center in the region of the attack? 2. What kind of Islam does ASMA say they are doing? 3. What is Islamophobia? 4. What does Akbar Ahmed (the anthropologist who did the landmark study of Islam in
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Unformatted text preview: America) say? 5. What is the moral vs. legal debate? 6. What does Herb Ouida say about the center? 7. What is the bigger issue (besides location/property)? 8. What are some of the possible impacts of this debate? Video 2: Religious Values, American Ideals, and NYC Islamic Center What are some of the arguments given by religious leaders in the second video? Which do you personally find the most convincing/compelling? Which do you find personally less convincing?...
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