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Space, Place, and Location: Human Geography Geography – 01:450:103:01, Fall 2010 Instructor: Kari Burnett (MTh: 10:05-11:00, VH 105) Office: Lucy Stone Hall, B243 (LIV) Office Hours: Wednesday, 10:00-12:00 or by appointment Email: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Debby Scott (T: 10:05-11:00, HH B2; T: 11:45-12:40, FH A4) Office: Lucy Stone Hall, B244 (LIV) Office Hours: Monday, 11:30-1:30 Email: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Jennifer Stevens (T: 8:25-9:20, MU 208; W: 8:55-9:50, LSH B117) Office: Lucy Stone Hall, B244 (LIV) Office Hours: Wednesday, 1:30-3:30 Email: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Kathleen Woodhouse (W: 10:35-11:30, TIL 116; W: 12:15-1:10, LSH B117) Office: Lucy Stone Hall, B263 (LIV) Office Hours: Wednesday, 1:30-3:30 Email: [email protected] Course description and purpose: This is a three credit course that will focus on the sociocultural characteristics of the world with emphasis on the similarities and differences of various cultures with respect to ethnic, religious, linguistic, demographic, and other characteristics within their spatial structure. The primary objective of this class is for students to gain a basic geographical understanding of and a respect for the different cultures and peoples of the world. Course objectives: By the end of the semester, students will understand key concepts in human geography. Following the guidelines of the National Geography Standards, students will be presented with materials that the “geographically informed person” should acquire and use. The student will know and understand: - The spatial organization of people, places, and environments on Earth’s surface. - The characteristics, distribution, and special features of human populations, cultural mosaics, economic systems, human settlement, and political units. - How humans affect and are affected by modifications of the physical environment.
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