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Airline share - to save more money at store. Management...

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Airline share/profit analysis assignment<will drop> no need to do so. How does IPO fit into the strategy. Like Facebook IPO. The largest network. Switching costs. Value=Advertising, externalities-- Overtime, as we rely on this, we will lose some variety, because we are so tied to our little world. Wal-mart case: resources and capabilities: What collection of resources and capabilities did Wal-mart build to achieve their competitive advantage? Tangible: information system, location rural, distribution center/trucks(small locations, monopoly, Intangible: relationships(suppliers), data, employee loyalty, scale, management, customer relations/brand Capabilities: analytics--decisions. Negotiation/relationship management, logistics capabilities., low cost/low price Keep all costs low. The guys in the headquarters, they save every dollar in the corporate, and they can go
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Unformatted text preview: to save more money at store. Management level of the company, it creates a lot of loyalty for the company. System and technology, the way you make profits as the retail is to move your stuff around cheaply and quickly. All the things allow them to keep costs low. They take less much of markup. Their COGS is higher than any other retail stores in the industry, Resource is the only valuable things you need to acquire and get rid of it, and manager over the resources. These valuable resources and capabilities allow them to be successful. The challenge is that you can't keep doing the same things over and over again, eventually, there are some competitors can copy and learn. Warl-Mart : the example to follow? Is it not very easy to do, and Wal-mart is that you take your resources and build up the capabilities....
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