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Cases of the journals - Security issues Money issues etc...

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Cases of the journals, in the past or right now. Be ready to finish the journals, follow the instructions in the syllabus. Be prepared for midterm. Being different and differentiate yourself by positioning. Voice of people is important to listen and think about. We talked about the government and illegal immigration, etc. What does it take to bring some people to the table? Keep foreign competitors out of the market. When you are asking for government concessions. You bring something out side of the countries, and we let them have the job. Currencies. Currency is another reason for those people who come and work into other country.
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Unformatted text preview: Security issues. Money issues, etc. Creating jobs and support people. When you dealing with government people, you need to understand what kind pressure they are facing and provide what kind of solutions we can provide to help them solve the pain. Novell went into Brazil: sometime no matter how smart you are, we all rely on some kind of help. The price of doing all those wonderful things, being friends and partners, culture friendly, these things paid a lot of dividends back....
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