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Debrief questions - Debrief questions: Answer use the...

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Debrief questions: Answer use the capstone courier, this is not scored. The balance score card is count for scores. Phase 2 due Friday Wednesday meet in room W408 for competitive exercise Debrief simulation questions: Start with R&D and then marketing. What we do need our cash, if we have too much cash, do we do more dividends or buy more shares back. We need to make decisions. Apple Mac touchy computers. 1984. commercial strategy. They differentiate themselves by different bright color logs. They are selling an attitude not a product. They want to sell people something more than just the value. MACINTOUSH Macintosh, unusually great! Jan.24, 1984 Strategy for Macintosh to differentiate themselves: Graphical interface User friendly Smaller/integrated Font/style(calligraphy) Hardware design/art Arenas: Design applications Normal/non-technical Education markets(for enjoying games for kids) Fun(Non 1984 world) Microsoft reaction to Macintosh: Bill Gates He realize that they were something unique and that would be success in the future
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Debrief questions - Debrief questions: Answer use the...

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