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Honda CRV, a new car comes out. Adventure mobile. Market awareness and accessibility. Accessibility is based on the relationship about how people get to your product. How you use your resources and whether you use them effectively makes you how profitable you are. Take resources and capabilities to make huge differences by doing differently. Southwest in someway did not make much money as they could. But they do some well in some other areas. The Airline Industry: Buyer power:-- Varies by traveler type Supplier power: labor, like labor union, fuel, planes. Threat of entry: Capital requirements Some brand loyalty like frequent fliers Access to channels like airport Government regulation, more prior to deregulation
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Unformatted text preview: What was the Southwest strategy? Arenas Differentiators Vehicles Staging How does Southwest pull it off? Groups: Apply the resource based view Tangible:Labor, the exact same flights 737's, it can recruit the same type of pilots. Gates, flexibility, low cost, gates, ticketing system. Intangible: loyal employees, culture/leadership, simplicity , control system. Low costs Capabilities: short flights, very effective. High performance, low costs. HR keep employees happy, HR recruiting, quick turn Intangible is something exist there. Capabilities is more like a Process or system. It takes a lot of resources to buildit. Less congested airport and they are distant....
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