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Mutual needs How to get the other side to the table" Create a sense of urgency or need. You have to come up with some sort of reasons. Jobs opportunities, competitive advantages, Economic growth Tax revenues. Enlist support: someone who recognize the value, they might be able to help bring people on board. Making a good start: always start with small talk and a sense of humor. Anchoring as a psychological effects. Take baby steps when you are anchoring and counteranchor. The best advice about concessions is to avoid the impulse to make them. The ticking clock. People want to get things done quickly. What advices can you use to move fast with them? e.g. what's your pay range in this industry. What are you willing to pay? What do you want? Allow some flexibility. Once you think you have an agreement, and it looks good, and within what you look from. So we have agreed down on these and these, and say everybody agree with this. Get the variety and confirm it. Write the terms down is very important.
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Unformatted text preview: Identify the 9 steps. Shoring up my BATANAs and you need references. Are there some ways to shore up your BATNAs stronger. If you don't know something about the new country, you can either do you own research or ask someone who may know about it. Prepare yourself for flexibility: be flexible, and you can't get too pushy into something. You are in charge, and you are in control. But you gotta buy yourself in time so that you can be flexible. Always get the best price first before telling them you are going to finance it or pay for it. You want your customers to leave thinking they got a good deal, but as a customer , you want to leave have the good deal. . Alter the process in your favor. Sometimes just going into the negotiation, we need to get it done right. We have to have some nice things to throw it back. There are things you can do to bring an additional party who has more power and authority to help you recognize the truth....
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